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CFO Leader

The CFO Leader podcast is focused on providing tactical tools to finance executives from experienced leaders who have been in the trenches. With a primary focus on practical rather than theoretical, CFO Leader is your go to for the modern finance executive.

Anthony Castro, CFO

Meet The Host

As a CFO, building and scaling incredible companies is a passion of mine. Throughout my career I’ve realized that the best place to learn is from those who have “been there and done that”. While I have always enjoyed high level theoretical discussions related to finance, I have found that those leaders who give specific and actionable ideas have been the most valuable for me. CFO Leader was created to provide a tactical resource for finance executives looking for practical advice on being a top-tier finance executive.

Latest Episode

Live Panel – When Vision Meets Reality: Managing an Operating Plan

Specia live expert panel edition: ” When Vision Meets Reality: Managing an Operating Plan” hosted by FEI Utah (Financial Executives International) and CFO Leader. An incredible lineup of speakers including Kevin McKenzie with SimpleNexus, Elliot Smith from Lucid Software, and Ray Langhaim with NICE CXone.

Recent Episodes

Episode 7: Ken Kaufman – Scaling a remote finance team

Ken Kaufman, CFO at Community Dental Partners is a 100% remote CFO for his company and has built and scaled a successful remote-enabled finance team. I chat with him to learn more about how he built his team, and advice he would give other CFO’s who want to accomplish the same.

Episode 6: Wade Olsen – Just exactly what IS treasury? Part I – Cash

Wade Olsen, co-founder of Treasury Suite and I dive into the world of treasury. In this episode we focus on cash visibility and forecasting in this episode, but it is clear we have only scratched the surface. To be continued.

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